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Term Synonym Description Example
Triple Kill
When a player has killed 3 opponents in one round. Player had a lot of 3Ks that game.
Quad Kill
When a player has killed 4 opponents in one round. Player had several 4Ks that game.
When a player has killed all 5 opponents in one round. Player Aced that last round.
When team buys weapons specialized for making more money when it is known the opposing team with be on an Eco Round. Team had a failed Anti-Eco round that game.
A maneuver that uses 2 players. Player 1 will crouch next to an object or part of the map that player 2 wants to get to, that is otherwise inaccessible (eg. B boxes on Inferno). Player 2 then jumps on player 1's head, and up to the position. I'll Boost you up catwalk.
When a player buys weapons for the round. Player shouldn't have Bought that save round.
Buy Out
Usu. said at half time to remind your team to buy the best gun they can, nades, and kits if applicable. Buy out guys.
IGL (In-Game Leader)
The player who calls the strategy for each round. Player is an excellent Caller for their team.
Call Outs
Voice communication of the enemies location, and other information about them such as weapon type, amount of health. Also the bombs location when it has dropped from an enemy. 2 planting A site. [1]
Any time a team only has 1 player alive and wins the round either by defusing or eliminating the enemy. That was a sick clutch with the Mag 7. [2]
When team only buys Desert Eagles in order to save their money for future rounds. Team had a perfect Deco round that game. [3]
A demo is the game file of a match saved as a *.dem file. HLTV.org has a great Demo section for watching pro games. [4]
Tagged, Legged, Binked
Dealing damage to an enemy player, without killing them. Usually accompanied by a location, and general health estimation based on the number of shots landed. I dinked their AWPer in mid, he's about half health.
A player who doesn't have enough money for a purchasable, may request a Drop from a teammate, who will then buy them the requested item and give it to them. Could you drop me an AWP, please?
When team doesn't buy weapons in order to save their money for future rounds. Team had a great Eco round that game. [5]
Elephant Feet
Description sentence. Example sentence with Term/Synonym used in it.
Entry Frag
Usually refers to killing the enemy players on a site or location, allowing it to be secured. The first person to enter the location is usually the person who gets the Entry Frags. As soon as we get onto A, we need the P90 up front to get an Entry Frag to take the site.
Exit Frag
Description sentence. Example sentence with Term/Synonym used in it.
Friendly fire is an attack on the same team while attempting to attack the enemy team, either misidentifying the target as the opposing team or due to errors or inaccuracy. Those FF shots brought my health down to 10.
means Good Game. Usu. said or typed after the game has ended, as a formality. Good game.
Means Good Luck. Usually said at the start of the game, to be polite. GL guys.
When a dead player gives away information about an alive player through the ability to spectate, usually to help the enemies of the spectated alive player to track him down. Generally only a problem in the case of griefing or trolling, as official Classic Competitive servers only allow spectating of players on the same team as you. May also refer to a player who follows a teammate around, though this usage is less prevalent. Ugh, my teammate keeps on Ghosting me.
Means "Have Fun." Usually said at the start of the game. HF guys.
Kill/Death, or more accurately Kill/Death ratio. Quite frequently used as a measure of skill, it's the number of kills achieved by a single player divided by the number of deaths achieved by the same player. A "positive" KD is above 1.0 I'm playing so rubbish today, look at my KD.
A term used to describe an enemy player that has taken damage. He's Lit in Lobby.
Description sentence. Example sentence with Term/Synonym used in it.
Description sentence. Example sentence with Term/Synonym used in it.
Nade Stack
When the whole team buys frag grenades and rushes one location throwing all nades there in an attempt to get a kill. Let's nade stack Long A doors.
A strategy played by CT. A CT will try to ninja (defuse) the bomb usu. right after a T has planted without the T knowing resulting in hilarity. I'm gonna try to ninja this one.
Means "Nice Shot." Usually a commendation by the player killed by said shot, but can also be used as an insult of someone's accuracy. NS, man.
means Nice Try, usu. said or typed when the last player of the team fails to win. Nice try.
Without very much commitment or trouble, a T will seek to kill a CT holding one of the routes to a site, and then either push the now open avenue of attack or rotate as more CTs seek to reinforce. A CT getting a pick will usually shut down a pick attempt at that location, causing the Ts to rotate. I got a pick at long, we should push there now.
Safe Plant
Planting the bomb in a position that is behind cover out of sight of an enemy entry point. A Safe Plant is safer for the Terrorist planting the bomb but is often easier to defuse due to the fact that it is usually behind cover. I am going to Safe Plant.
Plant For ____
Planting the bomb so that your team can see it from another location. I'm planting for long.
To shoot at a position where you think the enemy is directly after peeking said positon. Prefiring is faster than looking out to see where the enemy is and can take your enemy by surprise. I'm prefiring long doors.
Pick up game, a game played with a team of people who you do not necessarily know. Example sentence with Term/Synonym used in it.
Description sentence. Example sentence with Term/Synonym used in it.
When a player or players moves to a different position (often bomb site) than they were before. . They're Rotating to B.
When the entire team runs towards one site quickly in an attempt to catch the enemy off guard. Usu. prefaced with a flash. Rush B, I've got a flash.
Description sentence. Example sentence with Term/Synonym used in it.
When all team members walk to silence their footsteps to the enemy. Ok guys, lets do silent lobby.
When your team splits in half and takes different routes to the same bombsite Lets go split A
When all team members move or hold a particular location together. Let's stack A site.
Description sentence. Example sentence with Term/Synonym used in it.
Stands for Team Kill. The act of killing a player on the same team as you. Usually accidental or by griefers. Dude, why'd you TK me?
When multiple team members jump on top of each other to create a tower or Totem They have a Totem at long doors
Wall Bang
To shoot through an object or wall and hit or kill an enemy. I just wall banged the Terrorist in Mini.
Refers to Wall Hacking. Wall hacking is is the use of a third-party program that allows your weapon to automatically aim for a persons head and kill them(often through walls). Walling is against the rules and often results in a VAC ban. experienced players are often accused of Walling by less experienced players. Player is Walling, I hope they get banned.
Stands for Well Played. Often said at the end of a game in conjunction with GG (Good Game) to be polite. GGWP

Still being completed and than an open work in progress.


|| Description sentence. || Example sentence with Term/Synonym used in it. || [6]


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